Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Net, Goddess of Wisdom

No, it's not a joke or some kind of wordplay.

Net (also Neith) was an ancient Egyptian goddess, not very well known perhaps, unlike her Hellenistic reincarnation - Athena. Net was a warrior goddess, just like Athena, and the goddess of weaving - "weaver" is actually the translation of her name.

Athena was a weaver too, according to the Arachne myth, and of course the goddess of wisdom.

So why weaving, or net, and wisdom? Well, for several reasons. What our ancient ancestors have probably recognized is that wisdom is acquired via communication. Today we know in addition that human thinking is powered by neural net in our brains. Net, yes net. We even use the same word. Internet, collective intelligence... "there's nothing new under the sun" said another wise ancient man.


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