Thursday, May 15, 2008

In whining there is truth?

What do Java developers want? Hard to say. But here is what Java bloggers don't want Sun to do:
No evolving Java syntax - no properties, no closures, etc. - fix what is already there first.
No extending Java capabilities via annotations.
No investing in a new JVM language (JavaFX, or JRuby in the past)
Ok, maybe add Groovy, but don't change JVM spec.
Hey, wait, why are key people leaving Sun? We didn't want that either!


Anonymous said...

I would agree with those technical items too. On the people front, who in particular comes to mind.

Yardena said...

On the technical side - I agree with some, disagree with some and haven't decided for some. What troubles me is the impression... sort of, objection to evolution of any kind.

As for people leaving Sun:

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