Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digg a pony

Here is another post with no helpful information, sorry, I meant to write a meaningful piece but I am on vacation and in fun spirits :-)

Anyway, I just got reminded of something that crossed my mind before and is now more relevant than ever - the term John Lennon invented almost 40 years ago: "bagism". It's amazing that at the time everybody laughed - a person giving an interview in a bag. You can look this up, or even better watch the video (fast-forward about 2 and a half minutes). Here's a short re-cap:

"if everybody had to go in a bag for a job (interview) there would be no prejudice, you see, you'd have to judge people on their quality within, you know, we call it total communication..."
I think this is really the web: blogging, mash-ups, syndications, and social networks, and why all this is a lot of fun - you really know nothing about the one you are talking to, except what he (she? it?) tells you.

Dig a pony lyrics mention
"penetrate any place you go" (...internet?...)
"radiate everything you are" (...wireless?...)
"imitate everyone you know" (...blogging? syndication?...)
"indicate everything you see" ( google?...)
"syndicate any boat you row" ( networks?...)
Cheers to total communication!

P.S. A tribute to Passover holiday (the reason for my vacation): there were once four boys (ארבעה בנים) - the wise and wicked one, the cute one, the quite one, and the one that can't sing... and they were fab.


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